How Dubai Ruined Me In Some Ways

September  2017 / 19 No Comments

Exactly six months ago from today I left Pakistan to start a new Job in Dubai. After spending 26 years in the beautiful city of Karachi finally moved to a different place, which ruined me in some ways. You can find many things that are normal in Dubai but totally unnecessary in the rest of the world. Here are some things about Dubai that I really enjoy you may take it good or bad but most of them are good.

  1. Cleanest toilets in the world I guess. Never get toilet papers, bidet, and cleaning staff in any public toilets. They took it too seriously I guess that cleanliness makes a city beautiful.
  2. One of the best things is getting tax-free salary along with 30 days’ paid leave; medical, plane ticket and the list goes on.
  3. You have seen normally porches or Lamborghini but here you can see gold- plated ones.
  4. Visit day to day or any 1 to 10 shops and you will get to know how cheap things are here in Dubai.
  5. Total diversity in the city with lots of nationalities having two questions in mind “where are you from?” and “what do you do?”
  6. You need to understand that you’ve underestimated the Ski Dubai as there’s no other place on the planet with a wonder such as this.
  7. It does not always rain in Dubai but when it does, people forget how to drive.
  8. Ordered a small water bottle from the grocery of my building and they delivered.
  9. Cheapest breakfast I have ever had for 2 AED/-
  10. You get surprised and bewildered and believe that you’ve been conned when you go in a Government office and complete your lawful procedure in close to 5 minutes. A long hold up is constantly required at whatever point you must process things (regardless of whether it be a legitimate procedure or simply settling your bill with Du) in Dubai that you’d have the capacity to complete a book as you hold up.

Dubai opened employment doors for me and gave me plenty of chances which I will never at any point get from my nation of origin and I am grateful for that. I have preferred things to do other over sulk on the things that I know I have no control of. Be that as it may, I do have control on observing the brighter side of life, not simply in Dubai, but rather life all in all.


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